The Recovery Room

The Recovery Room Project aims to reduce the stigma of mental health or illness, and increase wellness - helping us learn how to cope with life’s great challenges, recover, and regain hope. The Cairns Post is publishing in its Saturday supplement - the Cairns Eye - a variety of articles that seek to improve the general well-being of our community, inform about services and ways to help ourselves, our mates and loved ones. Professionals working in many helping fields are contributing these articles, and the topics covered demonstrate that anyone can need help with their mental health, just as they can with a physical illness. The articles will offer information about services both locally and online. There is so much help available. It’s good to know that you are not alone.



“If it is hard to cope with trouble it is not a sign of inadequacy, stupidity or inferiority, rather an inescapable part of life” (Anne Flanders).


“There is no despair so absolute as that which comes with our first great sorrow. Before we know what it is to have despaired and to have recovered hope.”

(George Elliott)

Giving hope:

“Dark moments are short corridors leading to sunlit rooms”. (source unknown).

Helping others:

“I like the idea of helping people help people”

Bryan Adams (singer-song writer and guitarist)


The Recovery Room is an initiative of the FNQ Suicide Prevention Taskforce.


Copies of the articles published in the Cairns Eye with additional information can be downloaded below. Please use our contact button on this website for any queries.

Cairns Eye Articles

List of published articles for the Recovery Room in the Cairns Eye.

Back to School - John Vaughan Senior Guidance Officer, Qld Dept of Education.

Cyclonic Mental Health - Prof Kim Usher, Dulcie Bird, Gill Townsend 

Back to Uni - Felicity Gardiner Pyschologist, Student Wellbeing Unit

Battling Bullies - Jodi Nielsson (Headspace)

Long-Term Love (for Valentines Day) - Mike Friganiotis Community Education & Development Officer, Relationships Australia.

Furry Healers to the Rescue - Jess Grinter Certified animal-assisted therapist and Nth Qld Animal Rescue.

Repeat Parenting - Grandparent Volunteer


Diabetes and Mental Health Margaret Whitehead, Credentialled Diabetes Educator, Qld Health.


The Black Dog Bit Me Real Bad Maree Nicholson


Do you have recovery experience from any of life's challenges?

The Recovery Room project would love to hear from you ..... Please write a short article on any mental health area you work with or have personally experienced.

You will be contributing to the breakdown of stigma in your community. Together we can save lives ....

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