Helping parents to help kids stay safe – and to know if something is not quite right.

This project is part of the Life DEKF Youth Suicide Prevention Program

• Life Youth Suicide Prevention workshop – aims to provide individuals with a set of basic skills to assist in recognising when someone may be at risk of suicide, provides ways of responding to that person’s need and how to help establish community support networks.

• P&C presentation – facilitates discussion and learning on suicide related issues and provides a safe environment to do so. It identifies a range of changeable and unchangeable risk factors for suicide and identifies protective factors to lessen the risk. It provides parents, carers and guardians with information and resources on what to do if their son/daughter tells them a young person is at risk of suicide, thus benefiting the general community.

• DVD and information kit – outlines the key factors to look for when young people are at risk of suicide. It offers practical suggestions for parents to reach out and support their teenagers, or their teenager’s friends, and includes two short films, a brochure and a wallet card. It is recommended that younger children received adult guidance if watching the DVD.


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