FNQ Suicide Prevention Taskforce - The Life Program


The FNQ Suicide Prevention Taskforce’s goals are to implement, support and promote strategies, which aim to reduce occurrences of suicide and self harm.

The Foundation manages this Taskforce, which is a community-based voluntary group, representing a wide cross-section of the community. It comprises approximately 80 members from health and welfare agencies such as counselling and youth agencies, general practitioners, education and mental health providers, government agencies, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services, local government and universities. For more information on the Taskforce visit www.suicidepreventionfnq.org.au

In 2017, the Cairns & Hinterland Suicide Prevention Community Action Plan was drafted by the FNQ Suicide Prevention Taskforce, Dr Edward Koch Foundation on behalf of Northern Queensland Primary Health Network, and funded by the Australian Government of Health.

The Dr Edward Koch Foundation FNQ Suicide Prevention Taskforce established two Taskgroups (Lived Experience Reference Group LERG and the Stigma Reduction Committee SRC) which made immensely valuable contributions to the draft Cairns and Hinterland Suicide Prevention Community Action Plan. The Taskforce further sought to expand its activities beyond consultancy and stigma reduction to include public education and peer support. This was achieved through the current LERG and the SRC and the establishment of a Public Education Committee PEC and a Peer Support Team PST. These four task groups now serve the purpose of harnessing the contributions of individuals with lived experience in our efforts at providing an holistic response to the region’s suicide rate. For more information, click here.

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