Suicide Prevention is Everyone's Business Expo

On behalf of the Organising Committee of Dr Edward Koch Foundation’s FNQ Suicide Prevention Taskforce (the Taskforce), we invite you to participate as a valued exhibitor at the World Suicide Prevention Day Expo on 10 September 2018 in Cairns. The Taskforce is marking the 2018 World Suicide Prevention Day with this event to raise awareness, provide education, disseminate information and reduce stigma around suicide.

We want every community agency, every government agency, in fact every business to be there as an endorsement of their commitment to reducing suicide in Australia. Each information booth is required to display the supplied slogan “suicide prevention is everyone’s business”.  

Expo Information Space: What’s in it for me?

• Collaboration, a  chance to bring the community together about this very serious issue and to talk about prevention focused activities
• Stigma – as a group we are letting people know it is okay to let others know about their feelings
• Education – other expo exhibitors offering information on identifying, understanding and recognising stressors that may lead to suicide, for example but not limited to, financial, drug and alcohol abuse, relationship issues, self-harm, eating disorders, mental health issues
• Information and resources will be provided by other exhibitors giving people a chance to talk about what works and what does not work in suicide prevention. 
• Ability to display pull-up signs, sell own items/ raffle tickets/exhibit arts and crafts that have been made by clients – your choice of what you wish to display with the exception of food and beverages

Purchasing a space at the Expo also gives you: 1 (1.8m x .75m) dressed table, 2 chairs and a poster board. 

Date:   Monday, 10 September 2018
Time:   7.00am – 11.00am
Venue:  Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns
Cost:   One (1) exhibition space for non-profit organisations - $165 GST incl.
One (1) exhibition space for small businesses (under 20 employees) - $220 GST incl.
One (1) exhibition space for corporate or government organisations - $275 GST incl.
Contact:  Ph. 07 4053 6757, Email:
For registration, click here.

We sincerely hope you can join us for this fantastic event.

Thank You to Our Sponsors